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Our culinary program sources and presents exceptional food with a deep commitment to sustainability. We have established relationships with small-scale farmers, fishermen and specialist producers predominately within the British Isles. Our food waste program repurposes leftovers generated throughout The Conduit in a variety of ways from biofuel to producing compost for the growth of biodynamic vegetables.


Merlin Labron-Johnson is our Executive Chef. One of the youngest chefs to receive a Michelin star for his imaginative, modern cooking, Merlin shares our passion for sourcing and has created a menu that is refined and produce-driven. Merlin is currently devoting personal time to cooking at the Refettorio Felix centre for the homeless, and contributing to the Chef’s Manifesto in support of the UN’s sustainable development goals.


The menus are relaxed and convivial, representing the very best of British with international influences. The food evolves throughout the year to mirror the seasonal changes of the exceptional produce we are sourcing. Provenance and ethically renewable stocks also guide the way we bring produce to the table, giving us the ability to showcase not only a wonderful variety of ingredients but also support conscientious farming, environmental responsibility and positive agriculture practices.


The Conduit is working closely with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to ensure that we adhere to rigorous sustainability practices, ranging from seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council to fair trade coffee sourced from small producers in South America.


We are embracing the original and experimental in our drinks offering. From a diverse selection of producers we stock everything from natural and biodynamic wine to small batch distilleries to elegant vintage spirits. Using these specialised products, our bar team have developed innovative wine lists and drinks menus to be enjoyed throughout The Conduit.